• Gifted English Language Arts 5/6 Saturday 9:30-11 am

    • This is a class for students in Grade 5 or 6. The course is designed to help students gain familiarity, practice, and assistance with the English Language Arts; literacy; and critical thinking skills necessary for success in advanced middle school and some rigorous gifted high-level courses. To this end, students will develop reading and writing strategies across a variety of genres and modes, including classic and modern literature, narrative biographies, poetry, essays, non-fiction articles and critiques, as well as multi-media, such as film, song, and digital texts.

    • Prerequisites: Student must currently be in 5th or 6th grade.


  • Gifted English Reading and Writing 7/8 Saturday 11-12:30 pm

    • This is a class for students in Grade 7 or 8. The course will focus on persuasive and analytical essay writing, as well as historical and current event based texts. The class will function as a community of practice and inquiry in order to encourage exploration, experimentation, analysis, open-ended problem solving, and synthesis of themes and topics critical to higher order thinking and writing necessary for success in high school.

    • Prerequisites: Student must currently be in 7th or 8th grade.

  • Fundamental English for SAT/ACT for 8th-10th grade

    The class focuses on the skills and knowledge at the heart of English learning. It is going to benifit your future SAT/ACT test and school learning. The main areas will be covered

    • Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and more

    • Vocabulary building

    • Intro to variety types of reading materials