• AP Java Programming Sunday 1:00-2:30 pm

    • You'll learn the fundamentals of Java—one of the most relevant and long-standing programming languages in the world today. Java has many uses, from game development to business apps. Build your college resume and get a head start on prep for the AP Computer Science Exam. It all starts with building your own game or Java application.

    • Prerequisites: No Java experiences required. Student must currently be in 6th grade or above. 


  • USACO Java Programming

    • USACO Java programming course that builds on AP Java Programming course with topics such as ordering/sorting algorithms, infinite lists, list comprehension, function abstraction, and artificial intelligence. Your will learn wide range of programming skills and problem solving skills to be ready for the USACO competition. 

    • Prerequisites: Student must took Intermediate Java programming course before and currently be in 6th grade or above.